Is it okay to be a lily ?

You know, every flower is different than the other... just as every person is different than the other one.. But then why does everyone want to be a rose ? Why can't you just be a sweet lily that you are ? Definitely, i do agree that a rose is a very wonderful flower -... Continue Reading →


Is being on Social Media, defines not being social anymore?

Hi readers, This is Radhika, again after a big leap of a month back to talk to you about something known but unknown. Yes, i got a cool phrase to use "known but unknown"... which simply means that sometimes in life we think about something or we want to say or do something about a... Continue Reading →

Perseverance or Being Tenacious ?

Hi viewers,Today is going to be a very interseting kind of blog from my side, as i have mostly written about stuff that people already talk, discuss or know - that is going on and on about in a general way.I have recently read about so many things that people blog about or write in... Continue Reading →

What is the true secret of success?

Hey readers, its a long time since i wrote something ... and whats better than to start writing again with the wonderful concept of success. For knowing the secret of success lets first understand..what is this powerful word all about. What is success? Success to many people is basically a celebration in common terms .... Continue Reading →

Is aesthetic the new cool ? 

Heard this word quite often ? But what does it mean ? Today's blog is completely based on the land of aesthetic things.  Aesthetic is a branch of philosophy which explores the beauty in a particular manner.  Aesthetics studies how artists imagine, create and perform works of art; how people use, enjoy, and criticize art;... Continue Reading →

A dream that is common to all..

Today,  I would love to share my thoughts about a dream which is definitely common to all kinds of people.. ya like seriously! No guys am not talking about achieving profits or career goals ..yes all this is definitely important but it still is different from person to person about their career and goals associated... Continue Reading →

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